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We are honored and pleased that multi-talented Drew Blanke a.k.a. Dr.Blankenstein has produced and directed a wonderful music video for Real Love, the single from Glenn Moses a.k.a. glenesis, the Big American Rock Star with Big Crazy Hair.

Glenn says "I've always been a huge fan of John Lennon. I had always thought of him as my guru, as a tremendous champion of peace, love and common sense. Shortly after I had begun to write songs of my own, I was sitting with my friend Jason Axinn in his basement studio, and he taught me how to play this amazing song on guitar. I had never heard it before, and was mesmerized immediately by its simple beauty. I knew right away that I wanted to record a rendition of Real Love to give something back to John and to the Beatles community that had given me so much joy."

Glenn spent more than 12 years collecting versions and fragments of the unfinished John Lennon song. He moved lyrics and sections around endlessly, singing in the car and the shower, at his desk, and in his head. During those years the song surfaced on the soundtrack of the Lennon documentary Imagine, and emerged as a Beatles song in their Anthology set. Finally, on John Lennon's birthday in 2003, Glenn began recording his own arrangement of the song in his kitchen recording studio, SusanSong. When Jason heard it he made Glenn go back and make changes that brought the song to a whole new level of greatness, including additions of electric bass played by Kevin Griffin (of U-Melt) and drums played expertly by Andrew Bertrand (Afro Brick) in his kitchen recording studio, world famous Houndog Studios. It was finally finished on Valentine's Day in 2004.

Right about then, Glenn moved out to Long Island's Suffolk County. He got sidetracked by the move and by other peoples' recording projects. The single was finally released on 131 Records on Valentine's Day in 2011!! Shortly after, Drew Blanke asked if he could make a video for the song. He said it gave him a lot of ideas. So, in April, everybody met up in Strawberry Fields in New York's Central Park to make the music video.

Everyone who worked on this project worked on it purely for love of the song, love of its writer, love of the music and love for each other. We think the results speak for themselves.

Starting now, all profits from sales if this single will go to the American Red Cross. The Red Cross brings help to millions of disaster victims worldwide every year. The single is for sale in all the major digital music stores worldwide, with handy links right here as well as in the description of the video. Check it out!

By popular demand, we are very happy to announce the re-release of My New Shoes, the greatest hits collection from 131 Records recording artist More Than Nothing, the late-night brainchild of musical powerhouse Andrew Bertrand.